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HYDROVAC Industrial Services, Inc offer high-quality closed circuit video inspection services to meet your industrial services needs.

Camera Unit:
• 40X digital zoom
• Lighting features: Starlite & auxiliary lights
• Capable of filming diameters up to 200' and lines up to 900'
• Push cam available for smaller applications
• Reporting capabilities: DVD, CD or VHS with paper bound report

Combo Unit:
• Clean lines up to 600' in length
• Up to 2500 psi
• 80 gpm
• High power vacuum for material removal
• 3000 gallon holding tank

Video Inspection units are used to visually inspect and document normally inaccessible areas such as the inside of pipes and other constricted areas. The camera can gain access to these areas by mounting the camera on a tractor, pushing the camera with a push cable, or "towing" the camera with a jetter. We routinely combine this unit with jetters, hydro-blasters and vacuum trucks to clean and certify the degree of cleanliness of pipes and other vessels.

HYDROVAC offers routine inspection for integrity, cleanliness, and obstruction which can help to prevent costly environmental cleanup. Inspection of newly installed pipe lines such as sewer lines and other process lines can be accomplished with ease, safety, and accuracy. Our large pipeline inspection unit has features such as a pan and tilt camera head, computer connection, and video capability which will allow a thorough inspection and documentation with a video tape and computer generated report. We offer units to accommodate pipe sizes from 3" to 60" or even larger.

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