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HYDROVAC Industrial Services, Inc offer high-quality industrial vacuuming services to meet your industrial services needs.

0 to 28" h.g. of vacuum and 5300 cfm, up to 3000 gallon/17 yard capacity
Pits and sumps
Conveyor systems
Tank cleaning- confined space entry projects
Spill cleanup
Boiler cleaning- penthouses, precipitators, ash systems, floor and u-drains,
  vestibule, dead air spaces, windboxes, etc
General and site specific vacuuming projects
• Liquid rings pumps available for LEL projects

Vacuum/Tanker trucks are primarily used to remove and transport different types of materials from one location to another, generally a dump or treatment facility. We offer these units in different capacities and equipped with various accessories to accommodate a wide range of applications. The type of pump or blower and other accessories a unit has will determine its application and productivity. The amount of air the unit can transfer (measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM) will help determine the factors which dictate the speed the tank will fill with different types and weights of materials. Many factors such as air flow, tank capacity, inches of vacuum produced, and other specifications will enhance or reduce productivity.

HYDROVAC has chosen top manufacturers to enable us to supply our customers with vacuum units that are safe, productive, and dependable. You will find the use of these units will be an effective means of lowering the overall cost of most projects. Technique, availability of high volume advanced units, trained personnel and knowledge of these factors is what HYDROVAC offers to you as our valued customer.

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