Providing the Southeastern United States with
state-of-the-art industrial services since 1992

HydroblastingIndustrial VacuumingBioblastingJettingPumping
Video InspectingHi-Flow HydroblastingWatercuttingHydroexcavatingChemical Cleaning
HYDROVAC Industrial Services, Inc offer high-quality hi-flow hydroblasting services to meet your industrial services needs.

Up to 10K at 200 gpm and up to 20K at 60 gpm, rotary hose reel, automated hi-flow water lancer, 2D head capabilities.

On-line clinker blasting
Air heater basket cleaning
Large pipe cleaning
Automated boiler cleaning

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With locations in Columbus, MS; Tuscaloosa, AL; Jackson, AL & Mobile, AL