Providing the Southeastern United States with
state-of-the-art industrial services since 1992



HYDROVAC Industrial Services, Inc. provides cleaning services for the following equipment:

ALL SYSTEM TA'S (Turnarounds)

DISTILLING TANKS AND EXCHANGERS -- all equipment within the distilling process

CRACKER -- cat cracker (catalyst fluidized beds removal, hi-flow/high pressure washing), hydro-cracker (catalyst fluidized beds removal, hi-flow/high pressure washing), steam cracking (vessels and tanks), fractionators

UNITS -- tanks, lines, exchangers, conveyers, towers, pads, coker units, sulfur units, hydrobon units, kerosene units, diesel hydro-treater units, naphtha units, sour water system, flairs

DOCKS -- MV loading/unloading stations, barge and pier


FUEL STORAGE TANKS AND BLENDING UNITS -- gasoline, kerosene, diesel, jett, hydrogen

TREATMENT -- water, systems, sewage

GENERAL CLEANING OF FACILITIES -- building, roof, drains, streets and roads, grounds


 Corporate - 800.406.4144
With locations in Columbus, MS; Tuscaloosa, AL; Jackson, AL & Mobile, AL