Providing the Southeastern United States with
state-of-the-art industrial services since 1992



HYDROVAC Industrial Services, Inc. provides cleaning services for the following equipment:

PAINT BOOTH & SYSTEMS -- body and bumper (prime, base, clear), tanks, lines, pits

AIR SUPPLY -- filter rooms, ducts, vents

EXHAUST HANDLINGS AND TREATMENT -- RTO units (media removal and replacement), fans, ducts, stacks

DRIVE TRAIN DEPARTMENTS -- engines, transmissions, components

WATER TREATMENT -- tanks, sludge cells

GENERAL -- rest rooms, kitchens (drains, ducts), air conditioning (vent ducts, registers), grills (vents, hoods, ducts, registers), roof, drains, streets and roads, grounds


 Corporate - 800.406.4144
With locations in Columbus, MS; Tuscaloosa, AL; Jackson, AL & Mobile, AL